I am healed… I lied.

Lately, our beloved cult leader, Jerry Toney, mentioned that he was going on a fast. Anyone that mentions they are going to fast for something is usually a sign of virtue signaling but in this case, it’s also evidence that Jerry is a liar. Here is Jerry in January 2021 claiming he will be fasting for his “asthmatic condition” which he was healed from in October 2018.

“Our fasting and prayer…” January 3, 2021

UPDATE: Clip of the above deleted video is seen below.

“In Jesus name…{cough}… pardon me. You see that’s one of the things I’m praying about is my asthmatic condition. I’m fasting over that.” – Jerry Toney, January 3, 2021

Why is Jerry fasting and praying for a condition that he claimed he no longer has? Actually, his “asthmatic condition” never went away since he spent the past two years coughing into the mic. While the first screenshot is no longer available I added the other two as witness for the first. The remaining two are still available to be seen until Jerry decides to dump them down the memory hole to hide his lie.

Posted October 20, 2018

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Jerry was lying about having quit smoking decades ago. It’s fascinating to watch him call smokers to repentance all the while lying made the top 10 of God’s “Thou shalt not” list. Legalists will always pick and choose the “sins” they claim to have no part in while ignoring the sins they are actively engaged in.

March 1, 2021 Update

It looks like that 10 day fast (if you call still eating while fasting a fast) didn’t do anything for the “man of God” Jerry Toney. Isn’t there a verse that speaks of being like whitewashed tombs being pretty on the outside but full of dead men’s bones on the inside? Having a form of godliness but denying the power? You would think if God really wanted this RV park that he would heal him so it wouldn’t slow him down. Complications from being a smoker is not Asthma.

January 21, 2022 Update

Still complaining about having Asthma complications after his miraculous healing back in 2018.

Even makes comments in his latest video…

“I have been under the weather for a couple of days… ah… with some asthma issues and um do not seem to be getting the help I need from the healthcare system.” – Jerry Toney, January 9, 2022, Two men…

It appears both Jerry’s God and Jerry’s doctor have abandoned him.

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