Another Testimony sent through email.

I would like to share my experience with others so that they may be warned about the situation out there in Comanche Texas! I was homeless and reached out to this ‘ministry’ for help. I was an Emergency/ Critical Care RN for over 20 years before the Lord lead me to walk away from nursing right before Civic hit! GOD IS SO GOOD! I didn’t understand at the time why he was calling me out of the clinical setting, but GOD! It is perfectly clear now in hind sight. As a result, I had to let go of my townhouse, place all of my belongings in storage and Trust my Father like never before! I have been BLESSED with finding lived in caregiver positions but when the assignment ends I am again homeless. After an assignment was completed in San Francisco I was traveling across country searching and seeking God for His will and His guidance concerning my next assignment (and that being fully prepared to serve Him wherever and however He decided! I am fully surrendered).

So while travelling I reached out to Jerry Toney and his wife. I explained my situation and they told me that they would love to have me come down. That they would help me get back on my feet. That they did not require anything of me but just wanted to help a Sister in Christ out.

I was so excited to meet them and so grateful for their offer to help me! But after I got there things quickly changed! I was extremely careful to stay out of their way, kept my room and bathroom as clean as possible, helped Verla with cleaning and chores around the house, and helped with yard work as well. I was happy and grateful to do whatever I could to show my appreciation and gratitude for what they were willing to do to help me. I purchased and cooked my own food. I didn’t want to be a burden on them if possible. I volunteered daily with construction of the cabins even though I was Tod that it was totally up to me whether or not I assisted. They made it clear that I was not obligated in any way to work on them. Well, I was excited to get out there and help and felt BLESSED that God had given me this opportunity to help a ministry that really cared about people and wanted to make a difference in peoples lives! And I wanted to learn as much as possible, so I would get up at 5:30AM so that I could have plenty of time to pray and read the Word and spend time with my Father before heading out to work on those cabins. Jerry insisted that we start at 6:30 before it got too hot outside and then he and Steve would be finished around 10:30 or 11:00, but I would keep going until sometimes as late as 5 or 6PM. so I had many 12 hour days working on those cabins! I even volunteered to work on weekends all by myself. I was happy to do it! But things started to change.

At first Jerry and Verla discussed possibly allowing me to ‘manage’ the RV Park and by doing so I could stay in the donated camper rent free, but they changed their minds. Then they offered me a cabin as a place to stay as soon as they were completed so that I would have my own personal space and a place to stay while getting back on my feet. I, of course, was excited about the possibility so that gave me even more motivation for working hard to get the cabins completed. But, as they got closer to being completed they changed their minds and said they couldn’t allow me to stay in a cabin because they needed a paying guest. Well, I had interviewed and just received a job offer with the Comanche school district but my position did not start until the beginning of August so that wasn’t going to work for them. Even though they had people working on the cabins and getting paid per hour I was not being paid. I was being provided with shelter and was grateful for that. But, I asked if I could stay in a cabin and earn a credit as I worked on the property for them to cover any expenses for electric in the cabin until I started my job and they declined. They said it didn’t cost them anything to keep me in their house with them so they didn’t want me in a cabin that could generate them income. So, I started to wonder if they really wanted to help others or just help themselves.

Then, while living with them, I was constantly criticized and belittled. I didn’t use the “right” soap on a pan when cleaning the kitchen, or I was an idiot because I didn’t get the right type of oil change on my car. And I used the “wrong” mop to clean the floors in the cabins. I also had to get used to at least one lecture a week about how Jerry had an extremely high IQ and he should be considered a genius in most areas of life, etc…So, do not question him on anything! He is always right and makes sure you understand that you are the dummy and he is the only intelligent one! I also was not exercising at the right time of day. I needed to do that early in the morning before I started working on the cabins so that it didn’t interfere with his schedule. But, the scariest thing to see is how he reacts if you just ask him a innocent question concerning a Bible verse or his interpretations on a passage. First of all, you are a complete idiot even for asking him a question concerning theology and he goes off on you if your opinion even slightly deviates from his ideas r beliefs! This man is not genlte, kind, or considerate and has absolutely NO PEACE OR JOY in his life!

The last straw for me was when I was out in a cabin working by myself in the 100 degree heat and a young man who was staying in an RV on the property approached me. He apparently had mental health issues and had just returned from the pharmacy where he had filled three prescriptions. He told me that he was confused about how to take his medicine and asked me if I could help him. I carefully read the instructions on the labels of each of his medications and tried to help him understand how to safely take his medication according to how it had been prescribed. Then, I told him that I believed God had a major calling on his life and that He could set him free one day and completely deliver him from taking these medications. I was so excited to tell Jerry and Verla about my conversation with the young man but Jerry immediately started to get angry and said, “how dare you go against my direct orders to him!’He then went off on me once again because apparently he had a conversation with him and had told him that he was not going to speak to him or minister to him again until he got off of the ‘pharmacia. It was witchcraft and sorcery and he was ordered to stop all of his medicine immediately, cold turkey, by Jerry. I was not aware of this and he accused me of causing division in his household and in his ministry by giving this individual instructions on how to take his medicine!

So, the next morning at 5AM he started screaming at me and told me, ” that God had spoken to him and told him that I needed to leave immediately! I had until 10AM to get off of his property for good!” I had just received the news about my new position with the school district and now I was being put out on the street with no place to go at 5AM in the morning! To make it even worse it was going to be 112 degrees that day and over 100 degrees the rest of the week. I could not live in my car for another week or two in Comanche Texas waiting for my job to start so I was forced to leave the area immediately. I called the principle of the school district that morning and left a message exposing the situation and that I would regrettably have to decline the offer for the position that I was just given.

He was looking for a fight! He does not want peace! He is narcissistic and only wants you to worship him. When you deviate from his plan or purpose watch out because you will inevitably see the wrath of Jerry. And by the way, he likes to preach about repentance but states that he and Verla do not sin any longer. He does not believe that he has any reason to apologize or repent of anything at any time, ever. How is that walking in true humility and love?

Second email.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that before arriving at Jerry’s ranch he told me that the hospital behind his home was desperate for nurses and that the employees had given the hospital such a hard time that they were no longer requiring the “jab” for employment.

When I got to their home we sat down and they wanted me to renew my nursing license so that I could get a job there. I told them that I believed the Lord was leading me out of my “Egypt” which was nursing. They insisted and even wanted to pay the fees associated with this procedure. I declined the offer but he believed God told him I needed to go back into nursing! I think he saw future dollar signs!!! He wanted to make money off of me and couldn’t wait to take advantage of the situation! I believe that is why they changed their mind about letting stay in the RV. They told me they needed someone in the RV that could pay them at least $600 a month and when they saw that I had no intention of working as a nurse their plan was not working out the way they intended! And, as it turns out the HOSPITAL REQUIRES VACCINATION for employment! I wonder if they even cared about the Truth of the matter!

The reason why I feel lead to expose this situation at this time is because I feel like the Lord is asking me to walk out Ephesians 5:11 at this time! And as I walk Faithfully in His will I pray that Jerry and Feels truly repent of this evil and get right with God before it is too late!

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  1. You guys got out easy, Cherry threatened to shoot me with a 357 and shoot my truck and tires, threatened to bash me in the head with a rock, break all the windows out of my truck and camper and he robbed me of $200 while he was kicking me out, this man is full of anger narcissism and Hate- there is no love or truth here

  2. You guys got out easy, jerry threatened to shoot me with a 357 and shoot my truck and tires, threatened to bash me in the head with a rock, break all the windows out of my truck and camper and he robbed me of $200 while he was kicking me out, this man is full of anger narcissism and Hate- there is no love or truth here

  3. Wow very sad that he is this messed up and not at all who he claims to be. I have seen his narcissism and anger in his videos. Don’t question me about the jab not being the mark. Don’t question this about my theology. He is always right and everyone else is wrong. I will pray for him to repent and truly come to Jesus.

  4. Thank you for sharing the truth. My husband always watches him on YouTube and then no further videos. I saw he passed away. I’m sorry for what true believers went through. We believe your stories. I pray you have peace in knowing God will provide for you. God uses everything we go through. God bless you

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