Nothing says ‘rapture this fall’ like buying a new car.

It was only moments ago Jerry posted a picture of his new 2017-2019 Ford Escape with the word “Repent” on the side. I feel convicted already by his religious supremacy.

The Lord has really blessed Jerry considering it was only 30 months ago God blessed him with a 2012 Ford Taurus that he couldn’t pay the taxes on for another 6 weeks.

Seems as if he really believed we were only 4 short months away from the Tribulation and the rapture of the church the potentially $25,000 he used to purchase a newer car could be better spent on outreach for the remaining few souls who would make the rapture. But instead, we see yet another greedy individual using the Lord’s name in vain to enrich his life with the generous donations of his subjects.

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    1. Bible Bunker, I finally posted a few videos of exposing Jerry Toney on my U-tube.
      Lioness Roar is my channel name.
      I have more videos but decided only the 2 for now.

      Just met a guy named Scott that literally was driving to Jerry Toney’s RV Park today and I warned him.
      He’s gonna keep me posted!

  1. Jerry has called me names especially Jezebel because I questioned his mark of Beast before the Beast has been revealed. He said I was unholy and manipulative. He wants an audience to wow and since the rapture he predicted hasn’t occurred he is using the vaccine to the hilt to have something important to say

  2. I put up a couple videos of Jerry Toney’s RV Park of him being exposed.
    My channel is Lioness Roar, profile with a small Yorkie.
    Check it out of Jerry Screaming at me because I’m wanting to move away.

    1. S i r e n a, I was there just a little while after you and wish I had learned and seen all of this, I’m sorry for what you went through but he was very easy on you compared to what I got but I’m a man and can handle it, I was there just like you the only camper in the whole place, after he threatened robbed and kicked me out, there was a couple heading there from Michigan, and I feel so sorry for them there’s no telling what they’ve had to go through already. Thank you so much for your video and exposure I wish I would have had my phone and could have recorded my experience- then people would have seen a full-on demonic manifestation

  3. Thank you for posting. Although I don’t believe all that JT has posted, I did send a small donation to help with the “RV” park and help people get there 🙄. I really didn’t suspect anything until I watched the recent video about the vultures. It seems pretty angry and odd so I did a search and found the Lioness videos. Eye opening. And not “gossip” just stating what happened to her.

    1. That video really stood out to me too and I was finished with him. I didn’t watch it all but it sure appeared he was soliciting for money. My best friend warned me a year ago that was what He was after.

    2. I would like to thank Connie for giving to help me with fuel to get there. What you don’t know is when I got there, he told me I owed the ministry all the fuel money back and that I had to give him all the money personally

  4. Can I ask why you have devoted so much time to destroy someone else? I’m just curious 🧐. The bible teaches that the devil goeth about as a roaring lion 🦁 seeking whom he may devour. It also teaches the devil seeketh to kill steal and destroy… So why are you seeking to destroy this other person? I’m trying to understand. No I don’t know them personally but I am curious why you want to destroy them.. shouldn’t you leave that to Jesus? Aren’t you called to love everyone?

    1. You mean ‘expose’, which we are called to do according to Ephesians 5:11.

      Should I be like you and sit around and do nothing to expose a man who has spent his life stealing from and destroying others? When I got word that he stole a woman’s life savings (about $10,000) and she subsequently committed suicide because of it. What have you done to prevent a tragedy like that other than come here and accuse me of the very things Jerry is guilty of?

    2. I was there myself, at Jerry’s place, I saw an experienced many awful things from him he lied to me, threatened me and my property robbed me for $200 and demanded that I give him all the money back that others donated specifically for me to get there, he has done the same to at least 13 others we are not trying to destroy him we are trying to save others, get a clue and know the difference, better yet go on out there and spend some time with them yourself, I’m sure you’ll have a whole newspaper worth of stuff to say when you get thrown out

      1. You keep telling the Truth and the demons get mad… the religious Pharisees who know of God but not who He truly is. Don’t worry about the flying monkeys. Light will always expose the darkness. So many eye witness accounts…. Not a coincidence. Facts

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