Ghost Town at the Ranch

I recently stumbled across the YouTube channel called “The Bible Bunker” that was promoting this website. In one of the latest videos published titled “Jerry Toney’s Audacious Hypocrisy” one of Jerry’s followers speaks out in the comments. The video, and the comment can be found here:

The comment posted below is the latest update of the happenings at the ranch.

Hopefully this testimony will encourage more to share their story as they discover more people that have interacted with this sad individual we all know as Profit Jerry Toney.

January 10, 2023 Update

Yesterday I was contacted by Sirena (YouTube channel “Lioness Roar”) after she posted a couple videos about Jerry’s RV Park and one interaction she had with him. Below is the video she posted that reflected her story posted above showing the RV park nearly completely empty.

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  1. Check out the comment section on my Jerry Toney videos…a user named OceanLove has a story that you will find interesting.

    1. I am absolutely so thrilled right now because I was actually praying about going out there. And Jerry just happened to block me because I don’t believe in his rapture and he calls himself a Pastor. He blocked me after I gave him $100 for his RV park. Knowing that I had sold my home and bought an RV and was telling me that I could come there. I know I’m so thankful because that was the Lord and here I am protected from all of us.

    1. Yes anybody that says that Jesus Christ is for sure coming and puts a date on it and then it doesn’t happen he has a false prophet. He also believes in the rapture and we all know that we are in the great tribulation. So there’s no way that the rapture comes before the great tribulation or the mark of the beast.

  2. Jerry Tony took donations for me to go out there then told me I had to pay him back $600 and something dollars in the end he kicked me out threatened to shoot me with a 357 threatened to destroy my property robbed me straight up for $200 dollars- this man is no Christian and I was only able to make it 2 weeks he is full of anger pride and Hate and has some kind of scam going on with that place for tax Reasons I’m guessing

    1. Wow, he sent letters out (about me) asking for donations because he was helping a nurse out, who gave up her profession because of the vaccine, and was now homeless. He has been taking donations for that whole RV/cabin park from true believers in Christ who want to help their fellow Sisters and Brothers but he is using the money to build this property only to financially benefit himself! He didn’t want to help me with a place to stay! He only wanted to make money off of me! It is so sad! People need to know what the truth is! He is taking money from people for his “ministry” to produce a stream of steady income for himself, PERIOD!

  3. Wondering what is going on with Jerry lately since his last upload was a month ago with a health scare. Is he still alive? Bedridden? And after his last video why were there NO comments left from his multitudes of followers? Thought that was quite odd

  4. And also just noticed that he and Verla have a “go fund me” donation page! They are stating that Verla is stuck out there all by herself to manage things now, but they neglect to mention that the Lord has sent many people, including myself, out there to help them but they mistreat everyone who comes their way! I would love to see them truly repent of their ways, get right with the Lord and apologize to all the Sisters and Brothers in Christ who they have completely taken advantage of including those sending ANY donations that further their cause to misrepresent a “ministry”

  5. I can textify that my brother Jerry Toney is a false prophet, and a heritic. A lier and has hurt 100’s of folks. Including his own brother.

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