“I’m not a pastor.”

The one thing I’ve noticed about cult leaders is a lack of consistency over the course of their “ministries”. Jim Jones started off with a legitimate bible study which eventually lead to the mass suicide and the idiom “drinking the Kool-aid”. Not a single Bible was found among the over 900 dead in Jonestown.

Jerry Toney is no different as he began his YouTube channel several years ago. He begins with one of his first videos by stating “I’m not a pastor” and fast-forward to today and we find a man claiming to be a pastor and a watchman; whatever that is.

“Being very aware of the day” March 30, 2017

UPDATE: Clip of the above deleted video is seen below.

“Now I want to make a clarification here so people understand this more than anything else… um… I’m, I’m not a pastor.” – Jerry Toney, March 30, 2017, Being very aware of the day
“I’m here as a watchman. I’m not your pastor. I’m not your preacher friend.” – Jerry Toney, July 17, 2017, This is an absolute Watchman Warning!!!

Just in the event that our beloved cult leader Jerry says this quote is out of context I will submit a third video where he claims that he isn’t a pastor nearly 9 months later.

“I see the Sword” April 13, 2018

UPDATE: Clip of the above deleted video is seen below.

“I’m not a pastor.” April 13, 2018, I see the Sword

As we approach the 4 year anniversary of Jerry Toney’s YouTube career we find a man that has used his title to manipulate his subscribers for money to build a church on his property in rural Texas, which he has been unable to fill, and is now asking for money to build an RV park. Jerry Toney is the very example of a greedy wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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  1. These frauds are being revealed right and left. Today, I hear that checks and green backs were hidden in a bathroom wall, in Olsteen’s church, by a plumber. Amount has not been released as of today but, the Plumber stated, “in the thousands.”

  2. Jerry invited us to his ranch in 2017, to speak and provide worship for attendees. Just as we finished making final arrangements to travel, Jerry told me in no uncertain terms we were UNinvited and he would call the police if we showed up from Pennsylvania to lead in worship song.

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