It’s not stealing if I do it… slowly.

Not so long ago a man by the name of Scott Clarke used planetarium software to find the sign mentioned in Revelation 12. It was this ministry that awakened many to the concept of the feasts mentioned in Leviticus 23 as appointed times fulfilled by Jesus. Jesus having fulfilled the first 4 feasts and leaving the final 3 to be fulfilled in the future. Among many of the artistic renderings attributed to Scott Clarke is this image below depicting a menorah representing the 7 feasts of the Lord.

Image by: Scott Clarke

As the Revelation 12 sign date has passed it seems images like this were abandoned altogether leaving our beloved false pastor Jerry Toney the ability to swoop in and reclaim such an image as his own. And with just a little Photoshop magic… “poof” the rightful owner of this intellectual property has been erased.

But something is missing. It’s not just enough to remove the author of such work for continued use as a visual aid to instruct people on the Lord’s feasts but ownership is needed to receive all the glory. A bit more Photoshop magic and… “poof” Jerry is the new author. You can hardly tell which image is the counterfeit.

Image by: Jerry L. Toney… I guess?

Well, it’s just the one time… right? It’s not like there is a trend of intellectual property theft. Or is there? Here is a screenshot of Jerry’s timeline proving the rapture to be in the fall of 2020 and you will notice there is no author attributed in this image.

But fast-forward 3 short months and he ends up slapping his name on this image after his relationship with the original author, Andrew Bast, ended. Jerry only maintains relationships with those people he can use. Once no longer useful, the individual is discarded.
“14 Days… Watch and Pray…” September 4. 2020

In these examples, Jerry was only using his friendship with these two individuals for their knowledge. Once they had nothing new to offer, Jerry discarded them and kept what he really valued: their intellectual property. The enemy comes but to steal, kill, and destroy.

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