Embezzlement at the Ranch

When I first discovered the YouTube star, Jerry Toney, I knew something was out of place and patiently waited to see if my suspicions were correct. A man as prideful as our beloved cult leader will eventually present all the evidence needed for one to figure out what’s really happening. Sadly there are those blind followers that only see ole Jerry through rose-colored glasses. It is worth asking how someone that has financially struggled over the past few years has the means to buy a $100,000 CNC water-jet machine.

Jerry recently posts that his old CNC machine (which he stole, more on that later) met it’s end and his new CNC machine is en route.

These machines are not cheap. From what Jerry posted, including a video on the machine, it’s a 2007 10×5 Calypso Hammerhead Waterjet and a quick search showed these machines in used condition cost about $100,000.

Now, if Jerry has that sort of capital then why is he asking for donations to build the church and the RV park?

It is plausible to assume that someone purchasing such a big-ticket item such as this for a business could simply get a business loan considering how interest rates are at historical lows. But that now poses a question about Jerry’s integrity since he has spoken against debt many times before. In this post, he states being debt-free was a vow to God.

We also know that Jerry doesn’t really have that sort of cash just lying around since he had to sell the SUV before purchasing the car. He even virtue signals about how he didn’t cheat on his taxes by lying to the government about the purchase price of the vehicle to the extent that they couldn’t afford the taxes right away which were only a few hundred dollars. Knowing Jerry, he had every intention of lying before finding out Texas changed the rules on taxing vehicles. It’s no longer based on the purchase price but rather the value Kelly Blue Book has assigned to the vehicle.

As of January 2020 Jerry couldn’t muster up the few hundred dollars to pay the taxes on a $7,000 car but today he is able to purchase a $100,000 machine. This begs the question: What changed? In January Jerry announced that he was building an RV park and needed help.

“The RV Park at the Church at the Ranch… January 2021

UPDATE: Clips of the above deleted video are seen below.

In this video, Jerry states: “My wife and I are not wealthy people. We are semi-retired and Cherokee Ironworks does not bring in a lot of funding. Just as I ask you for help with the church… here… with the church, I’m also asking you to help us with this RV park.” He also states in this video: “For those of you who have the finances to help, and I know that many of you out there do, we’re looking at a probably fifty to sixty thousand dollar project. My wife and I don’t have those kinds of funds.” But he seems to have the funds for a $100,000 CNC machine.

For someone that admits they aren’t wealthy and that they couldn’t pay the taxes on a vehicle right away and has vowed to remain debt-free has managed to perform a miracle in getting a refurbished $100,000 CNC machine. There is a reason Jerry boasts about never being a 501(c)3 non-profit religious organization, it’s because he doesn’t want the accountability. There are also those IRS tax liens from 20 years ago but I’ll leave that blog post for another day.

January 21, 2022 Update

I patiently waited before posting this update in the event he had other additions to his business he wanted to disclose. And while he is currently adding more to his RV park which is on land owned by his business I will for the sake of this post ignore those upgrades; however, I did want to conclude this post with the doubling of his workshop for Cherokee Ironworks.

Notice that Jerry mentions that “Money was not the issue. We have had the funds in the budget since February.” A year prior he didn’t have the money to pay the taxes on the car but managed to muster enough dough through the pandemic to double his workshop. He also clearly states in the comments that “I am adding onto my business.” I think we would like to see some transparency when it comes to the donations people are sending and where those funds are going. It’s pretty obvious Jerry is enriching his life with the donations people send.

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