Deception only comes from sin and iniquity.

It’s fascinating to watch our beloved cult leader make statements that provide evidence of his own depraved condition. On March 21, 2021, Jerry informs us that the only way to be deceived is if we live a life of sin. Twice, in one video, he makes the statement “Deception only comes from sin and iniquity.” at 9:36 and 20:42.

Video from March 21, 2021 deleted


The video Jerry posted on March 21, 2021, was deleted and was perhaps one of the few videos I didn’t make a copy of in the event that he tried to delete evidence; however, since Jerry believes “deception comes from iniquity” I just had to wait for our beloved cult leader to say it once again. Here at the 15:44 mark Jerry states “Remember deception comes from iniquity” and in the event, he deletes this video I have made a copy to update this blog post.
“The Foolish Virgins…” June 23, 2021

It’s a bold statement coming from someone that I managed to deceive when I built my timeline proving the rapture was last fall. Of course, as one that has a degree in theology I was clearly aware of the problems with my timeline but Jerry, lacking both education and discernment, fell into my planned trap. If we were to take his statement at face value knowing the evidence exists that I managed to deceive him then what can we assume is in his life? Perhaps he doesn’t walk in the repentance that he believes he does.

If he was being honest 4 years ago in claiming that he wasn’t a pastor then why tell everyone he is a pastor today? Much like many in the Christian leadership community, they have learned it’s an easy way to get free money from those weak-minded individuals that will give assuming they are doing God’s work. Perhaps someone needs to ask the question as to why God didn’t call ole Jerry to build this RV park when he was a millionaire but instead is doing so now with the funds from his followers?

Jerry leaves out critical details when he tells people his testimony. A man that God has changed has no need to hide the truth because it shows the power of God in how God can change a murderer like Paul into the greatest Apostle that has ever lived. In contrast, we have Jerry, a former millionaire that lost everything because of his own stupidity.

It’s safe to say there is a good reason he lives with his wife in the middle of nowhere far from anyone that resembles a family. He would be alone if Verla wasn’t such a weak person and had the guts to walk away from his abuse and adultery but I will leave that for another post.

January 21, 2022 Update

It was only a matter of time before the sentiment of sin is what causes deception presented in the video that Jerry deleted would return in one form or another. On January 6, 2022 Jerry posts:

If this statement is true then I know why it was so easy to deceive Jerry into thinking the rapture was in 2020. He is still making timelines even after realizing I was simply toying with him.

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    1. If you watch my video here, you can see he is half wrong about repentance, but so are the OSAS folks. The truth is in the middle. I took a look at your website, and you should not trap Jerry. It is not a Godly thing to do. I have exposed Jerry’s error in this video and in at least 1 other, if not 2 others, without trapping Jerry, as his theology is evident if you know scripture and watch enough of Jerry.

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