You son of a bitch, I’m in.

Rick & Morty, 2019 “You son of a bitch, I’m in”

In the previous blog post, I explained how easy it was to implant an idea into our favorite cult leader, Jerry Toney. While the terms of my psychological experiment were met I wanted to go a step further and see how strong this psychological “test line” holding this fish was. Once again knowing Jerry’s parameters for what he teaches I managed to find news articles that might appeal to his desire for the end of the world as well as his preoccupation with sin. What better place than to start with a news article focused on “Sin City”.

Post created March 20, 2020

As you can see Jerry shared my post within the hour it was posted. Now perhaps this was an anomaly after all since it wasn’t simply Las Vegas, NV being affected by this pandemic but rather the entire world. To shut down a city that caters to tourists from all over the world amid a deadly viral outbreak made perfect sense at the time. What I needed a news article that seemed more supernatural in nature to see how Jerry would respond.

Post created May 17, 2020

Within 35 minutes Jerry shared my post. It really was a trifecta of information that played on his psychosis. After all, it seems like Las Vegas was dealing with the same plagues that Egypt was having to suffer through right before the Exodus, minus the economic shutdown and earthquake. I’m actually shocked Jerry didn’t fly out to Las Vegas, dye the Bellagio fountain red, and tell everyone the “end is here” while wearing sackcloth and ashes or at the very least a sandwich board. Let’s be real, Jerry is far too holy to even cross into the city limits of such an unholy city such as Las Vegas unless you need to marry someone three weeks after a first date…

Classy as ever. I can’t think of a better place for two people having a desire to serve the Lord to get married at 3:00 am three weeks after the first date with no family or friends around to witness this magical moment in their history. This is actually classic abusive behavior to meet someone and get married to them on such short notice but I will leave that alone for the time.

Now there were other posts that Jerry saw that I posted and shared but by this point, he simply saw the post and decided to share the link without credit to Darrell. It was at this point that I would see how much power I had over simple suggestions through a message where my manipulation of this man’s mind would simply show the evidence without the attribution. In mid-June, I sent Jerry a message to see what the resulting response might be.

And within just a few hours my message to Jerry became a public post for all his friends and followers to see.

Post created June 13, 2020

Hopefully, by now you can see how easy it is to steer a man’s mind as long as you know the core beliefs they hold. I suspect for the majority of Jerry’s audience it plays into the fear of what the future holds and the belief that God will remove those that are living a sinless life. Every cult leader always pins “us vs. them” which is why Jerry constantly speaks of a “remnant”, only those that align with what Jerry believes is part of this small group of God’s chosen people.

At this point, you should be able to see the parallels between Jerry’s church / new RV park and groups such as the Branch Davidians under David Koresh or Jonestown (formally the People’s Temple) under Jim Jones. If I can manipulate a man to post my ideas on YouTube and Facebook without ever meeting him imagine what a charismatic leader you feel a connection with can do to your mind.

Remember it only took 3 weeks from the first date for Verla to respond to Jerry’s marriage proposal in Vegas with “You son of a bitch, I’m in”.

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